New, advanced semiconductor processing and architectural technologies take years to perfect and put into production. In the meantime, semiconductor customers continue to demand faster, smaller and higher functioning devices.

  • Can we extend existing technology concepts to deliver the next generations of semiconductor scaling, or does the industry need paradigm-shifting technologies to reach these goals?
  • How can we squeeze additional angstroms out of existing process and technology elements?
  • Can we use variation reduction and process control to create the next few generations of semiconductor scaling?
  • Or, do we simply need entirely new processes and architectures to reach these difficult goals?

Find out how the best and brightest minds are advancing the industry into the next generation of semiconductor technology. Learn about alternative methods to solve fundamental problems of technology scaling, and listen to techniques and strategies that can extend the lifetime of the latest technologies and propel us into the future. Join our discussion to keep up with the latest advances in semiconductor architectures, patterning, metrology, advanced process control, co-optimization, and integration.

Everything is Under Control: Delivering the Next 5 Years of Semiconductor Technology

Date & Time: 
December 5, 2017, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. 

Hilton Union Square, Franciscan C-D Ballrooms, San Francisco, CA