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MEMS BUTTERFLY: Give your ideas wings with MEMS+ 2.0

Posted in: mems simulation, Article Publication, mems design by Gunar Lorenz | 15 Comments Friday, April 16, 2010

 MEMS Butterfly AC simulation of the movement of butterfly wings using MEMS+ and Cadence Spectre. 

Give your ideas wings with MEMS+ 2.0 . . .

Nature has inspired many designers to create new products that we use in our every day lives. The butterfly seems to be popular among scientists, see Qualcomm's iMOD display and others have designed gyroscopes.

Similarly, Coventor's product development created a test case inspired by the butterfly to demonstrate the new amazing capabilities of the MEMS model library that will be released in MEMS+ 2.0 in June this year. 

The video above gives you a sneak preview of what's going to be possible with our upcoming MEMS+ 2.0 release. 

Fastest computation of MEMS structures in Cadence Spectre 

The video shows the first Eigenmode of a butterfly made of our new flexible plate components. The butterfly test structure was made of circular, quadrilateral and pie shaped flexible plates. Featuring 92 nodes, it was simulated in only 5 seconds with an AC analysis using Cadence Spectre. Constructing the model in MEMS+ 2.0 Innovator took less then 5min. 

MEMS Butterfly 3D Model

MEMS+ 2.0 user interface with access to foundry material and process data, 3D graphical interface for model creation and the MEMS model library. 

MEMS Butterfly NodesVisualization of the connecting nodes of the 3D model. After creation of the 3D geometry the model can be simulated immediately in Cadence Spectre or UltraSim.

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MEMS+ 2.0 is expected to be released in June 2010.

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