MEMS Design Contest

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: When and where will the workshops take place?

  • A: Workshop dates and times will be announced after the registration period, when the organizers know where the participants are located.   All workshop materials will also be made available online.

  • Q: How will the EDA tools be provided to participants?

  • A: Design groups who pass the proposal stage will be invited to participate in the contest, and will be provided with access to the full X-FAB PDKs and Coventor's MEMS design software at no charge for the duration of the contest.  Contestants can obtain Cadence software through normal distribution channels, or contact Cadence directly if they do not currently have a Cadence software license. Cadence software can be obtained either through distributors like Europractice, or by contacting Cadence academic software representatives in your area.

  • Q: How will the workshop materials and confidential data be distributed?

  • A:  Successful teams that have signed the X-FAB NDA will get access to a secure website, where the X-FAB PDK confidential materials will be accessible.   Coventor software will be provided to successful teams through Coventor's own secure website.   Workshop materials will also be provided through a secure website.

  • Q: What kind of support is available from the organizers?

  • A: Beside workshop materials, Cadence will provide access to online courses, where participants can learn how to use Cadence® design tools.  The sponsors will also have a monthly call with contest participants, where the teams can ask questions and experts from the organizers will answer these questions. Coventor will provide reference training material in an on-line format and will sponsor on-line design reviews during the design phase of the contest. Additional technical support will be provided by distributors and contest supporters.

  • Q: How do I get access to the secure website?

  • A:  After contestants have been accepted to the contest and signed an NDA, a login and password will be provided.

  • Q: Can an individual be a member of several design submission groups and submit multiple designs?

  • A: Yes, this is allowed.

  • Q: Is there a communication platform provided for the teams?

  • A: The contest has a LinkedIn forum, where organizers and teams can post messages.   In addition, a private forum will be set up for secure communication at the start of the contest design period.

  • Q: How can two groups with different specialties (MEMS, logic) find each other to make a common submission?

  • A: Please tell us during the contest registration process that you need a second team for your final submission, and provide us with a presentation regarding your design idea along with your requirements for a submission partner.   Your presentation will be put on a secure website, where teams will be able to search for partners.


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